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(Cylab Inc.- Current) Operations Manager - Responsible for the full life-cycle recruiting and on-boarding of new employees.  Also serves as Business to Business liaison between a small disadvantaged business and prospective customers both in the federal and commercial sectors for a Software Development and Information Technology Services Company. Attends professional networking events, conducts software product demonstrations, and provides briefings to discuss potential contracts, resolve disagreements, negotiate future work expansion, and potential teaming activities. Number of personnel supervised - 25

(US ARMY) Career Counselor - Responsible for the personal, professional, and career development of assigned personnel.  Through the use of education and coordination with subordinate and higher echelon organizations to assist in influencing career choices and matching personal needs, wants, and desires with that of US Army requirements and shortages.  This position also served as a senior management advisor who prepared and executed briefings and instructional courses to junior leaders and fellow senior leadership as well as provide guidance counseling and instruction in conjunction with contract preparation and execution of bonus payments and benefits negotiations. Number of personnel managed fluctuated between 700-1500 based on location.

(US ARMY) Instructor (Bowie State University) - Served as Instructor of the Army ROTC Basic Course (Bowie State University) that takes place during the freshman and sophomore year of college.  Here I taught what laid the groundwork for future officers and leaders in the US Army. I covered a variety of topics such as Introduction to Leadership, Goal Setting and Accomplishment, and Applied Leadership Theory. Number of personnel managed - 60 (Students)

(US ARMY) Various Supervisory Positions
 - Served as Administrative Supervisor of the Directorate of Logistics, Processed Report of Surveys, Maintained leave control logs, and completed inspections of subordinate facilities. Responsible for proper placement of incoming personnel according to Job Skill and Experience Levels and creating requisitions for new personnel. Served as an administrative supervisor for a military awards distribution center in the Pentagon. Responsible for timely processing of military awards paperwork, maintaining award tracking logs, leave control logs and credit card control logs.  Interfaced with other government agencies and maintained office automation security and provided software and hardware training for assigned personnel. (Various Part Time Employment) Retail - Worked part time in various retail environments for a number of large (Macy’s, Best Buy, J.C. Penney’s) and small (Suncoast, Spencer’s, Shadowland Adventure Concepts, Electronics Boutique/EB Games) businesses has allowed me to reinforce the leadership training received and taught while in the military to help promote and create better working environments with superiors, subordinates, and peers alike.

(Various) Technical Skills - Though not a specific employment function my passion is working with electronics.  Keeping up with the latest trends in technology and understanding what “works” in a number of given situations and being able to make those recommendations based on needs, budget, and having the ability to demonstrate them.  Knowing how to relate to the small business owner looking for a solid solution to manage his inventory/personnel/schedules, to recommending smartphone solutions with associated application suites to enhance productivity.  Knowing the strength and weakness of the competition as well as your own solutions and being able to recommend a choice the customer will be overjoyed to have implemented. ​Activity includes:  

Freelance Consulting – Web Design Services and Business Consulting Social Media Implementation and Consulting for Small Business.

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